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Inspired by the likes of legendary artists like Tupac, Drake, and J Balvin — Romajee always dreamed of becoming a Hip Hop artist. His passion for music was further fueled by his friends and family members who made him realized the remarkable gift of voice and musical understanding he was given from a very young age. Romajee has finally decided to showcase his talent to the world, with the release of his debut album “Romajee” featuring five foot-tapping numbers, now available on all major streaming platforms.

Romajee has always been passionate about music and he would often, try learn vocal style and flow from popular artists, when he was younger. Seeing the artists like J Balvin and Drake create music and verses that transcend boundaries, Romajee decided to follow the suite and started working on mastering his craft.

Eventually, he developed his unique vocal style, identifying himself as a Hip Hop/ Urban artist, bringing fresh new sounds with impeccable songwriting skills. He enjoys writing lyrics inspired by his life and the culture he has lived in.

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